Recent Contracts

Quintin Kynaston School: Provision of one to one counselling and group work to students.

Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education:  Teaching 2nd year students on the M.A. in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Islington Connexions Service: Management Team Consultancy

Thames Reach Bondway: clinical supervision & consultancy for mental health and drugs misuse staff.

Transport for London Counselling & Trauma Service: Consultant psychotherapist working with TfL staff providing short term interventions and trauma counselling.

Hungarian Gestalt Association: Intensive Body Psychotherapy training in Budapest.

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Youth Support and Development Service: Consultancy and team building for detached and centre based youth workers.

Twickenham Off The Record: Working with issues of gender and sexuality with young people in the counselling setting.  Creative Strategies for Engaging Young People in Counselling.

National Children’s Bureau: Development & delivery of volatile substance abuse (VSA) training in London and Leeds. Development of a web based VSA training resource.

Bexley Borough Council: Consultancy and short term management of a young people’s support service, managing multidisciplinary team. Development of young people’s counselling service.

Wandsworth Drugs Action Team: Facilitation of review day for virtual drugs team.  Training on engaging young people around drugs issues.

Westminster Connexions Service: Design & delivery of a range of training events aimed at personal advisers and voluntary sector  practitioners working with young people.   Non-line managerial supervision for personal advisers & managerial coaching.  Team consultancy and team building.

London Youth: a range of training events aimed at youth workers and others working with young people.

Youth Access: Delivery of a Conflict Management Course for managers of services for Young People.

Lewisham Health Authority & The Brook Advisory: Managing Conflict & Effective Team Working.

Lewisham Sure Start: Facilitation of project review & strategic planning.

LEAP Confronting Conflict:   Working with conflict & racism for group facilitators

Off Centre Hackney: Creative Strategies in the Counselling Relationship.   Counselling Practice as it relates to Difference  and Diversity. Group supervision for volunteer counsellors 1999-2003.

Off The Record Croydon: Training for staff in working with young people in crisis.

East Street Information Shop Barking: Effective Team Working. Working with Conflict.   Difference & Diversity – for a team of youth workers.

Off The Record Havant: Training in working with boys and young men for youth workers, counsellors, drop in staff and managers.

Bexley Borough Council:   Review of PHSE drug education & policy in the local schools.

Children’s Rights Officers & Advocates (CROA): Training programme for young trainers – developing facilitation skills & working with Conflict.

Whittington Hospital School of Psychotherapy & Counselling: Teaching Object Relations and Gestalt on an Integrative Psychotherapy Training Course.